Client Activity
Hong Kong Investor Relations Association (HKIRA) is a professional association comprising investor relations practitioners and corporate officers responsible for communications between corporate management and the investment community. HKIRA advocates the setting of international standards in IR education, advances the best IR practices and meet the professional development needs of those interested in pursuing the investor relations profession.

Aligning with HKIRA’s goal, EDICO’s primary involvement is to assist listed companies to enhance company-to-investor communications through their annual report and publications.

Over the years, HKIRA has provided us the opportunity to participate in various investor relation promoting activities. Besides sponsoring HKIRA’s annual reports for many years, our managing director, Mrs. Donati also took part in the judge panel of HKIRA 1st Investor Relations Awards.

We strongly believe the importance of investor relations for it is essential to provide a medium for listed companies to achieve a fair valuation. HKIRA has an important mission to advance the IR practice by promoting international standards and best practices. Together, EDICO will continue to engage by providing services to listed companies to create well-produced financial report; hence to achieve quality investment relations.

New World Development Company Limited sponsored and organised the first Qianhai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Athletics Carnival. Qianhai recently became a free trade zone that enhances financial cooperation between Guangdong and Hong Kong.

EDICO was invited by New World Development Company Limited to join the event. Our Sales Team represented EDICO in the 5km Marathon and gained a participation medal signifying our involvement in the event. It was an enjoyable and refreshing experience for EDICO’s team and with New World Development Company Limited. EDICO is grateful to New World Development Company Limited for the invitation to the Athletics Carnival and appreciates the effort put forth by the Group.