Operations Department
Izabel Lok
Chief Operations Officer
Izabel, the Chief Operations Officer at EDICO, is responsible for managing the operations in providing our services. She is also in charge of tackling ad hoc problems, day-to-day operation, oversees development of departments, make sure everything is in order by setting very high standards for her team. EDICO operations team has gained trust and reputation amongst our clients.

With over 15 years of financial printing experience in both international and domestic financial printing, Izabel has laid a solid foundation for the team with her expertise in project management and by collaborating closely with internal parties for accurate delivery. Izabel has gained trust and reputation amongst our clients through constant flawless delivery and by setting very high standards for her team.
Upon receiving instructions from our customers and/or other professional parties, our project management team, which acts as our point of contact, performs preliminary checks on the drafts to ensure the incoming instructions are clear and seeks clarifications if necessary. The instructions are then passed to our composition team, in-house translation team or translation subcontractors, or creative and graphic department for typesetting and proofreading, translation, printing and design respectively, as the case may be.
Upon receiving the instructions from our project management team, our composition team typesets the draft documents or translated works and arranges the layout and formatting of the documents, after which the typeset drafts are reviewed by our quality control team. If the typeset documents do not meet the instructions given by customers, they would be returned to our composition team for further amendments. Upon recognising no errors, our project management team releases the documents to our customers.
We put strong emphasis on the quality control of our handling process and have implemented quality control procedures which our respective teams perform quality control inspections at various points of the projects. Our quality control procedures are described below:

Quality control during in-house handling process

After our composition team typesets the documents, our quality control team compares the typeset documents with the instructions of our customers to check for inconsistencies.

Our creative and graphic department brainstorms different ideas prior to releasing the designs to our customers. They also discuss with our customers to understand their requirements and preferences about the designs. Then they make revisions on the designs until our customers are satisfied.

For our media placement service, our composition team performs content inspection to check for errors and our quality control team performs inspection on the formatting and printing aspects to ensure that the e-Submission version meets the requirements of our customers. We also offer to perform e-Submission in the presence of our customers in our Press Room to avoid incorrect media placements.

Quality control over translation works

For our translation service, we perform quality checks on the translation works prepared by our in-house translation team and closely monitor our translation subcontractors over their works prior to releasing the document for typesetting.

Quality control over the production of printed documents

Upon receiving bulk print confirmations from our customers and the signed-off documents from our composition team, our quality control team performs inspections on the formatting of the documents. Our print, bind and logistics department then requests for the documents in their printing format from the responsible printing subcontractor and performs quality checks regarding the printing aspects to ensure that the final printed products would meet the requirements of our customers. Our print, bind and logistics department then executes the bulk printing procedure by passing the printing instructions, together with our specifications on the final products, to our printing subcontractors.

Quality control over our subcontractors

We select our printing subcontractors and translation subcontractors based on a number of factors, including their technical capabilities and quality of service. We also regularly review the quality of service of our subcontractors and in the event that they repeatedly fail to meet our expectations, we reallocate our works and engage other subcontractors.
We provide translation services to our customers through our in-house translation team. The head of our in-house translation team has over eight years of experiences in providing translation-related services and he is responsible for leading our in-house translation team to serve the needs of our customers in a direct and effective way.

We believe that having an in-house translation team enables us to have better project management as we have a more direct control over the handling of our translation works. We may also be able to accommodate our customers’ demand for ad-hoc, standalone and urgent translation services without incurring substantial subcontracting costs for the subcontracting of such translation works to our translation subcontractors. In addition, we allocate our translation works between our in-house translation team and our translation subcontractors flexibly, which we generally consider allocating our translation works to our in-house translation team first and engage our translation subcontractors when needed. We believe such arrangement enables us to utilise our internal resources efficiently and effectively control our operation costs.