Corporate Social Responsibility
EDICO is committed to be a good corporate citizen. Through running a successful and profitable business, EDICO remains our prime objective; community investment is a key part of our corporate responsibility.

In July 2011, we recruited our first employee who is categorised as a disabled person. We have also partnered with different societies to organise recruitment talks for the disabled and other charity services, including visit to the home of elderlies. Our caring to the society has been recognised by the various awards we received, such as the Appreciation Reception For Employer 2016 in November 2016, and the Caring Company Award since 2011 in recognition of our commitment to caring for our customers, employees, community and the environment.

In addition to the endeavor on serving the communities, EDICO is also following the code of business ethics among employees and the relations with the customers strictly. All EDICO staff is committed to keep all sensitive business information confidential.

In consideration of sustainable development in EDICO, we thrive to take into account the needs of all stakeholders such as clients, employees, communities and government.