EDICO’s Fifth Anniversary Logo

"I have had great visions for EDICO since the beginning. It fills me with pride that by our 5th anniversary, EDICO has grown so rapidly. To commemorate this milestone, our design team put together a logo that is simple, yet has a multifaceted meaning which represents what EDICO is all about. The logo is compromised of one Chinese character that could be split into three smaller characters which stand for three different meanings. The design was inspired by the Chinese tradition which is rich of history and culture."

── Mrs. Amy Chan Donati
Managing Director

Chinese Fan

Inspired by the Chinese Fan, the amount of elegance and integrity it gave off reminded me of a something that EDICO have always valued: Tradition. The fan is an ambassador for EDICO’s industry in a sense that there are often Chinese characters written on traditional Chinese fans. Fans are not the only tools for cooling oneself, but also artwork symbols for status and taste, Scholars would wave their fans to display their grace as they composed poetry or sat deep in thought. EDICO in a similar manner creates an environment for our clients catering to their every need allowing them to concentrate and excel in their work on their platform.


The second character that depicts a dragon represents EDICO’s core objectives: To lead the niche market and ultimately be a leader in the industry. The ferocity and respect that a dragon brings are the same qualities that EDICO’s work exudes. With our ambitions set high, we plan to soar amongst the highest reaches of success.

Chinese Lantern

The third and final character depicts a Chinese lantern that signifies light that shines for 24 hours – a never ending source of light which represents how EDICO is available around the clock for our clients regardless of the time of the year. The light also signifies the pride that is felt in the hearts of EDICO’s staff, which I have seen grow continuously brighter. The Chinese lanterns also compliment our competitive edge, in the way how participants in ancient Lantern Festivals competed each year in producing the most impressive lantern.