Update News
Post Date: 7/12/2016

Taking the initiative to spread out its wings, EDICO’s design inspiration for 2017 was the entire Globe. Since the world itself is becoming a global village, EDICO wishes to promote the beauty of each and every culture.

Each month of the calendar reveals surprising facts that will broaden the readers’ horizons and improve their understanding of other cultures. There is also an area on each month for clients to color and submit for entry into a monthly-competition. All designs are hand-drawn by our Creative & Design team where clients can let their imagination roam wild and take a much-needed break during their hectic daily lives.

The coloring sections of the calendar can be cut out and made into postcards, which could be sent to clients’ loved ones or be a memento of the favorite moments of that month. To increase the level of interaction, a mini-game where clients have to find the number of Probos (EDICO’s mascot) is implemented into each month as well!

Post Date: 28/11/2016

Winter is coming. Soon, it will be that time of the year when the temperature drops significantly and all animals start preparations for hibernation. EDICO is aware how hard it is to work in the cold- rest assured, we will keep you warm and maintain all the efficient services running throughout this incoming winter. Stay warm with us!

Post Date: 19/10/2016

Unity is key when it comes to knitting. The unison of multiple threads bonding together to become one solid string, which then becomes something even grander is what reflects the Spirit of EDICO. We use every single resource available to provide the highest level of service to you- it’s almost magical. We look forward to keeping you warm in the cold!

Post Date: 27/09/2016

“To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe”- Anatole France

Our sights have always been set for the summit; and with each award we receive the closer we get to the peak of the industry. EDICO obtained numerous Gold ARC, LACP and Astrid Awards this year, leading our repertoire of unique designs to grow which provides us with experience that outlasts the very test of time.

Post Date: 12/09/2016

There are many wondrous festivities that take place during the Mid- Autumn Festival, of which each and every one contributes to enlightening our days with a cozy and positive spirit. Staying true to our traditions, EDICO once again wishes to delight our clients with healthy cupcakes each decorated with ornaments that bring smiles to everyone and foster the Mid-Autumn spirit. We hope you enjoy your Mid-Autumn Festival with our delicious cupcakes this year!