We provide translation services to our customers through our in-house translation team. The head of our in-house translation team has over eight years of experiences in providing translation-related services and he is responsible for leading our in-house translation team to serve the needs of our customers in a direct and effective way.


We believe that having an in-house translation team enables us to have better project management as we have a more direct control over the handling of our translation works. We may also be able to accommodate our customers’ demand for ad-hoc, standalone and urgent translation services without incurring substantial subcontracting costs for the subcontracting of such translation works to our translation subcontractors. In addition, we allocate our translation works between our in-house translation team and our translation subcontractors flexibly, which we generally consider allocating our translation works to our in-house translation team first and engage our translation subcontractors when needed. We believe such arrangement enables us to utilise our internal resources efficiently and effectively control our operation costs.

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