About Us
EDICO, in Latin means “to declare” or “to announce”. We take this definition and turn it into a principal that states what we do. EDICO is comprised of teams in different fields who are all professional and experienced. We, as a team will provide tailored services to you, catering to all your needs and treating even the smallest of details with great significance. We are experts when it comes to typesetting, financial printing servicing for companies listed or which are applying to be listed on Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and other financial institutions.

investment banks, law firms and listed corporations and governments.

We have embraced the future and maximised our efficiency by adopting advances in the latest technology. This will allow us to increase the productivity of our highly skilled employees.

Our motto, “Your Choice, Our Pride”, is what drives us to bring premium quality services to you. We only accept the highest specification demanded by our local and international clients.