Environmental Protection
One of the core values of EDICO is to ensure our operation causes minimal impact to the environment. We strongly believe that small changes in work habit with the environment in mind is the best way to contribute to protecting the environment. Therefore, we work hard to promote this habit.

Office paper sourcing
Printing is a major part of our daily operation; therefore, we pay special attention on paper selection. Our purchasing policy is in place such that all paper products used are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. We are proud to operate in an Eco-Friendly way. FSC certified papers are created with wood pulps that are sourced from a well-managed forest to ensure sustainability and avoid clear cutting, which can be just as eco-friendly.
Promotion of FSC Certified Paper
In order to raise the awareness of environmental impact when printing, we ensure our teams introduce and encourage the use of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper to our client especially for annual report printing.
Eco-Friendly Technology
Using technology to reduce waste, we setup our network in a way that our team may share documents in a convenient way to promote paper reduction. In addition, we also invested in a dedicated print management server that has environmental friendliness in mind. All printed pages are monitored and immediately reflect by calculation the amount of Trees, Carbon Released and Energy Used as a way to raise environmental awareness.
Recycle Paper
At EDICO, we enforce a strict policy on using recycled paper for our main printing needs and the policy applies to all internal documents. All users are defaulted to print with recycled paper at the print server level. All measures are taken with the environment in mind. In the end, when every piece of paper reaches its end of usage, we will ensure it gets deposed through proper recycling service provider.