Press Room & Printing

Quality remains our number one priority. Attention to details produces consistently superior results and at EDICO, we maintain this in order to ensure continuity of the highest standards of service possible. We have installed the latest technology in the backbone of our press room. This is an essential prerequisite to our total involvement in the printing production of a wide-range of time-critical corporate financial documents.

Concepts become tangible printing products in the Press Room at EDICO

We have a Press Room for our customers to observe and participate in the operation of e-Submission and upload of documents to the relevant issuers’ websites. Our JUST Normlicht Colour Proof Station and EIZO computer monitor are also stationed in our Press Room for our customers to inspect and amend our design artworks.

Advanced technologies at your finger tips

EDICO has professional design equipment, including an in-house JUST Normlicht Colour Proof Station and an EIZO computer monitor, which enable us to discuss and work on the design artworks with our customers together within our office premises. The EIZO computer monitor is a professional computer monitor built with accurate colour calibrations for previewing artworks and documents in digital proof. The JUST Normlicht Colour Proof Station provides a colour viewing environment that complies with the professional standard and is also used by some professional designers and printing factories to determine the colour schemes of printed design artworks. Accordingly, our JUST Normlicht Colour Proof Station and EIZO computer monitor enable us to inspect our printed design artworks for inaccuracies in the colour schemes or deficiencies from the requirements of our customers.

For All Your Press Room Needs

EDICO have created an enviable portfolio of pre-press products providing our customers with the very latest in technology and uncompromising quality.


PANTONE Goe System – A dramatic new approach to colour selection

PANTONE formula guide and PANTONE Goe is designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s graphic design, printing and publishing industries, offering the same ease of use as the world famous Pantone.

The Eizo Coloredge LCD Monitor

The LCD monitor is ideal for prepress, digital photography, video editing, and post production.
Features includes:

  • A wide color gamut
  • 3D look-up table
  • A DisplayPort input.
  • Colour matching between your monitor and prints
  • Colour management in action
  • It provides 99% accuracy on colour matching.
    Professional Spectral Color management solution
    iBasic is the perfect system allows you working effectively in a colour management. It includes spectrophotometer and i1Match Monitor profiling software, assisting to achieve accurate colour for monitoring profiling with ability to capture flash and ambient light.

    Portable Pantone Colour Cue

    Now you can confidently capture colour in seconds with this electronic, portable PANTONE Colour Cue. Simply place the Colour Cue on the colour you want to match and a quick reading gives you the closest corresponding PANTONE Colour, selected from the full pantone matching system.