Employee Caring

EDICO recognizes employees are the most valuable assets to the company success. Hence, EDICO is firmly committed to create a pleasant work environment that all people are valued, respect and have opportunities to develop their full potential and pursue a promising career path.

Training and Development

Edico provides continuing trainings to our employees to improve their skills and develop their potential. We provide mandatory trainings to our new staff based on the tasks they perform in the course of our business. We also provide departmental and office-wide trainings to our staff in relation to our business and the financial printing industry, such as site visits to printing factories and seminars about paper characteristics and printing.

Performance Recognition

EDICO believes our people efforts contribute to the outstanding performance in the company. Clear career path and incentive performance bonus will be provided.

Well Being

EDICO encourages our people to strive a work life balance. We established a recreational committee group to organize different kinds of leisure activities, such as Annual dinner, and basketball competition.

EDICO believes in open communication with employees and committed to grooming in employees for continuous development. In this regard, EDICO affirmed that employees have an important part to ensuring their own personal and career development, and chance to share the joy of company success.