EDICO: “Your Choice, Our Pride"

EDICO has its origin from Latin, meaning “to declare” or “to announce”. We are inspired by our founding edict, which makes the benchmark against what we do. In EDICO, we serve both listed companies and non-listed companies, including those processing their IPOs, soon to be listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“HKEX”), and other financial institutions. Our clients also include investment banks, law firms and government bureaus. We are unique in our area of expertise, providing 24/7, one-stop comprehensive financial printing services. We have seasoned professionals working on the same front. Our services are tailor-made, with customers’ needs come first. 

EDICO’s motto, “Your Choice, Our Pride” defines our priority to serve and be your best partner. We are prepared to meet the highest specification by any local and international clients, drawing on our expertise and experience.