Hong Kong Investor Relations Association (HKIRA) is a professional association comprised of investor relations’ practitioners and corporate officers responsible for communications between corporate management and the investment community. HKIRA supports the setting of international standards in IR education, promoting the best IR practices. 

Along the same line as HKIRA, EDICO primarily helps listed companies to have a transparent company-to-investor communication channel through either annual report or other publications representation.

With HKIRA’s help, EDICO was invited to various investors’ relation promotion occasions.  Over the years, we sponsored HKIRA’s annual report printing and Mrs. Amy Donati, the C.E.O. of EDICO, served as judge for the judge panel of HKIRA

We believe in the value of investors’ relations that it is equally crucial for a listed company to have a go-between to give the company a fair valuation. HKIRA has a crucial mission to advance IR practice through promoting international standards and best practices. On the same front, EDICO will continue to serve any listed companies, processing and making a merit-inviting financial report, which, in turn, is conducive to building healthy investors’ relations.