EDICO is a committed corporate citizen. Apart from success and profit in business, EDICO is basically a caring company. Community investment forms the core in our everyday social responsibility undertaking.


In July 2011, the first disabled employee was hired. We partnered with various societies and institutions to give career talks for the latter.  We volunteered to charity services, home visiting the elderlies. We won awards and prizes for our caring deeds. We were honoured with Appreciation Reception for Employer 2016 in November 2016 and the Caring Company Award from 2011 to this year, all testaments to our caring concern for our customers, employees, community and the environment.


EDICO is abided by business code of ethic relating to employees and customers alike. Staff working in EDICO respect confidentiality and privacy. Sensitive business data is handled with care and caution.


To maintain sustainable development in EDICO, we are mindful of the interests of all relevant stakeholders, clients, employees, communities and government alike.