Reduce Carbon Footprint

Improving energy efficiency is considered a direct and effective method mitigating carbon footprints. We, accordingly, have our traditional light bulbs replaced by the energy-efficient fluorescent tubes to reduce electricity consumption.

In EDICO, we are committed to reducing waste by assessing the overall operation flow, to ensure the ongoing operation is efficient. We adopt the tailor-made Prodo system to reduce the use of physical paper in internal communication and use of electronic and green communication platform preferably. Besides, EDICO is actively engaged in recycling; all general wastes will be centrally collected for further processing and recycling.

FSC-certified products & Use of Recycling Materials

EDICO believes any attempt to combat the climate change should be a collective action, therefore, collaboration with any external companies is the key. We seek corporation from various parties, including suppliers, working partners and corporate clients.  Whenever possible, we encourage them to use recycled paper or FSC-certified paper. (For details on FSC-certified products, please visit: Meanwhile, to address the environmental issue, EDICO uses recycled paper on printing, including letterhead, business card, corporate brochure, envelope and calendar.