We believe that design capability plays an integral and important role in the provision of our financial printing services and enhances our competitiveness in the financial printing industry. Our creative and graphic department’s capabilities have been recognised by over 200 awards we have received from international competitions such as the LACP Awards, International ARC Awards, Astrid Awards, Galaxy Awards and Mercury Awards.


We also believe that artworks and designs are important factors to the handling of our customers’ documents. In particular, according to the Ipsos Report, design capability is an important factor that customers consider when engaging financial printing services providers for the handling of their periodical reporting documents. In addition, as our customers generally obtain the relevant design artworks of their periodical reporting documents prior to engaging us, we involve our creative and graphic department from the beginning of the projects at the quotation and pitching stage to understand the requirements of and prepare direct design artworks to our customers. Our creative and graphic department communicates with our sales representatives and our customers to propose unique and suitable designs. We believe that the involvement of our creative and graphic department at the quotation and pitching stage enhances our service and enables us to provide more suitable designs and more accurate quotes to our customers.

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