Amy Donati

Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director

EDICO has just put before me an academy of surviving warrior. Along the years, I’ve seen how EDICO has picked up the speed, edging its keen competitors over and by the side, finding its own way into the front row – an uncompromising veteran in a race.  With EDICO in perspective, how can we say the brutal reality of business world is short of any wonder and gratitude? 


The year 2018 is a milestone year for grand celebration – the company’s share was successfully listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. As my personal dream, conviction and ambition become real, I am constantly amazed by the miracle the company has achieved to-date.


In EDICO, we have an orchestra of talents and wits where everyone serves their role, orderly joined. For the past 20 years in a row, I’ve neither seen or met a team of warrior so much dictated by passion, overwhelmed with mission. Executives in the senior management are led by the highest standard of professionalism and conscience, making the spinal cord to today’s EDICO. Still, we wouldn’t make it happen : the untiring effort by the members is as indispensable, if not more. Hence, we owe all of them a big applause.


Special thank goes to all clients confiding in EDICO, giving us plenty of trust along the way. Your constant support helps us see sustainable growth and makes us believe persistency and endurance will pay off. With the help of our dedicated service team, every financial package you entrusted to us will be the centre in the spotlight.


To-date, EDICO has grown, though I believe it still has lots of potential to accomplish more. Working in EDICO, I am constantly reminded by the guiding principle “To act as an excellent role model” , therefore, I’d stick with the team and always do more than expected. Today’s EDICO, full-load of what it takes, will continue to be an active participant, speeding for a pursuit and a promise.


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